Black Oxide Coating Service

Black Oxide coating services by our sister company GRIT Manufacturing converts the iron of the surface to a naturally occurring black iron oxide with adding virtually zero thickness to your part.

We have large 250 gallon tanks that are 36" wide x 48" long to be able to handle a big variety of part sizes.

Why not just get your parts machined and blackened at the same time?  Make sense?  Ya - we think so!

get your parts machined & blackened!

Black Oxide Service by GRIT Manufacturing

What do we do to your parts?

For starters - we know how important your parts are and we will take good care of them and service them with great care.  Gentle handling and thoughtful packaging are a part of the process.

How do we turn them black?  The process is fairly gentle and adds virtually zero thickness to your part.  In a nutshell, all we are doing is cleaning them off, rinsing the soap off, dunking them in a heated salt bath that converts the iron into a naturally occurring black iron oxide, then rinsing and adding a final supplementary finish.

See that's not so bad, right?

The (5) basic steps to our service includes:

  1. Clean
  2. Rinse
  3. Black Oxide
  4. Rinse
  5. Rust Preventative (supplementary finish)

Within each of the process steps listed above a disciplined set of controls exist around times, temperatures, concentrations and other important factors that we monitor to ensure that your parts have the same great finish every single time.

We hope that service summary helps!

If you would like to try our service, we would love to offer a FREE sample for a small batch.  We are firm believers in EARNING Trust.

Please contact us if you are interested, we would love to have a shot at providing you with a high quality black oxide service!

Beautiful Black Oxide Finish

Beautiful Black Oxide Finish