custom chuck jaws

custom chuck jaws

Get Custom Chuck Jaws FAST!

Get custom chuck jaws FAST for lathes quickly at an affordable price.  Special made cnc soft jaws and hard jaws that are engineered to your print.

BIG Sale!

We want to be your trusted source for chuck jaws.  For your first purchase, if you are satisfied with your first purchase your second purchase of the same item is 50% off.

Why Trust KATA?

We started this product offering after we bought our first machine and needed to make our own custom chuck jaws for our lathe.  We made the chuck jaws fast, at an affordable price and our first job was delivered with outstanding quality.  After that we figured that we should offer custom chucks jaws both hard and soft for other shops!  Trust us, we know what you need, we can relate and hope that we can help you as well.

BIG News!

We just installed a brand new CMM!  Our machines are awesome, no doubt, but now we have the inspection data to back up our custom chuck jaws that are to your print up!  If you need a CMM report to validate our machining vs your part print to put on your lathe or mill, we can do that!

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