You know you have a Rockstar on your team when they have a patent in their name.  In our case, we are proud to be able to say that 2 of our founders each have patents in their name with a combined total of 5 unique inventions.  This proves our dedication to innovation and being on the leading edge of any manufacturing process in the world.

note - these patents and inventions were applied for by our team members while they were previously employed at some of the most innovative manufacturing companies in the world!


Diffusion bonding.


Patent number: 8256661

A method of forming a part that includes a first component and a second component and which two components are diffusion bonded together ~ Barnes Aerospace (customer GE).

Ball bearing relief for ball screws.


Publication number: 20170268641

A ball relief feature for a ball screw allows multiple turn ball circuits with reduced ball bearing stack-up within the ball screw assembly ~ Dynatect.

Unthreaded Pin Assembly.


Publication number: 20180087554

An improved pin assembly for forming at least one pin joint in an object. The pin assembly may be readily inserted into and removed from more than one object when forming a pin joint, without the need for any special tools or equipment.

Fingerless end-cap return.


Publication number: 20170268643

This invention relates to an end cap return for a ball screw. The end cap uses tangential force from the sidewalls of the ball passage to roll the ball bearings sideways out of the leadscrew raceway rather than the typical protruding finger that picks the balls up directly ~ Dyantect.

Spin finishing tool.


Record of Invention

This invention record relates to the development of a special tool that burnishes rotor brake plate surfaces.  This process allows for low variance control of thickness variation and lateral runout ~ Delphi Chassis (customer General Motors).